Getting ready for a New Year!

I am going to participate in Judy's stashbusting report this year. I have also added a list on the side to keep track of what is in progress. This is for me as much as it is for you! If I see it..maybe it will keep me on least that is the idea!

This week I: ~completed a baby quilt (promised by Dec 24th) and delivered it. (no picture yet...I will ask. I was so focused on FINISHING...I forgot my camera!)
~completed putting blocks together for a top. They have been sitting there a LONG time!
~loaded the backing on the frame for a UFO/Quilt of Valor. I am hoping to load the top this afternoon..but hoping does not count for this list!
~I purchased enuf fleece to back my son's new Red Sox fleece he got for his birthday. No quilting fabric purchases.
~ I made 2 dog beds with leftover fleece pieces, scrap batting and left over polyfill stuffing. No dogs have layed on them as yet!

OK..Stashbusting report done!

Do you have any good recipes for using up leftovers? I have two I like. This is the one I made last night. NOTHING FANCY! Just making leftovers SEEM like a new meal. This one is considered comfort food..and there are NO calories in comfort food. (you didnt' KNOW THAT????)

This is Shepherds' Pie

You layer browned ground beef (you can add whatever you like..I cook for a we eat what HE likes. :::SIGH:::)

corn...canned or frozen(cooked or thawed)

and mashed potatoes...ending with the potatoes and topped with cheese. I did two layers of each. The recipe says 350 degrees for 30 mins, but this was just warm in the middle. I did start out with cold mashed potatoes..that could be the culprit!

And of course, you need 'Hoover #1" to see if there is anything left on the floor!

My second leftover recipe is Turkey Lasagna. I will be making that next week for my Lunch Bunch so I will show pictures. If anyone is interested, I will post the recipe too. It also freezes well. I have used leftover Thanksgiving turkey in the past to make one and freeze it. Then when busy Christmas time rolls around, SOME day you need a nice dinner in a hurry. With a salad and a bread, you have a company dinner.


JudyL said…
Thanks for adding your link to the stash reports. Yesterday I chopped up some leftover turkey, brisket and ham and made a huge pot of fried rice. It was good! All we have left is half of a smoked turkey breast so I think that will make good sandwiches for tomorrow.
Jen said…
Hoover #1 is adorable!!!!! I need to get my fleece scraps under control. I'm thinking of putting them together rag quilt style and snipping them. Either giving them to charity or to the dogs...depending on if they're too ugly to leave the house!!
Angie said…
Hey, girly, that's a great list (short is really good in my house!!) ROFL and you just go ahead and put those recipes up...Randy is really worried that I'll never cook again...I declared the kitchen 'closed' right after Christmas and he's worried that it won't open again until Spring. ROFL That little 'Hoover' is just adorable!! Houses without 'Hoovers' are so empty...and they REALLY have dirty floors. ROFL
Carol Van Rooy said…
I make my shepherd's pie with mashed yams.... yummmmmm!!!

Feel free to stop by my blog at:

I have recipes labelled on my right-hand side bar. ENJOY!!!

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