my Christmas List

I never understood growing up...or even as a young adult, how my parents and grands could EVER say "there is nothing I want for Christmas"?? I do now! We are not extravagant..and SURE there is always some new gadget dangled out in front of us on TV and in the newspaper. There were two things I enjoyed MOST over the holiday. One was having my daughter home. She didn't need to be IN my house for me to enjoy her company! I was just happy to have her running her errands and seeing her friends. I got to see her everyday and even had Starbucks she brought me. Happy mom! The other thing I enjoyed was being able to volunteer at Church on Christmas Eve. Our church had candlelight services on Dec 23rd and on Christmas Eve. Since we had HAD our candlelight service on Sunday, we chose to stay home and have family time. I was able then to go the Childrens' area coordinator and offer to show up on Christmas Eve ready to hone my grandmother skills (they won't be used for a LONG time here!) She didn't have a set place for me..but used me where she needed me that night. I even told her she could send me home if she had enought help. She looked SO relieved..I think that was HER gift!~ I had SUCH a good time! I was in the 3 yr old room with a dad and his daughter...we had 10 kids total. Not ONE tear...I was amazed! I'm sure we had some that were new to our church..but everyone had a great time. Some did the craft..some played...we had our playground time...we said Happy Birthday to Jesus. The cheese puff balls for snack were a BIG hit! I told them about seeing one rolling down the ramp on Sunday! ESCAPING CHEESE BALL! Lots of giggles! The best part was that when the time was over..I got to go home to my BIG kids~

Did you have something on your list this yr that was...well..unusual? This is what I asked for:

I will show you pictures of WHY I asked for my project unfolds. It will take a while as my husband has to 'ponder' on just where to PUT this organizer! I'm off to work on my projects.


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