Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm ALONE! is only TEMPORARY. And that is ok! My husband retired from his 2nd job in 2005 and I'm STILL acclimating to the fact that I rarely have the house to myself. Countless times I have spent my mornings busy doing housework or lunch..and JUST sit down in the sewing room for a few minutes before picking up the kiddo at school, and SOMEONE needs my undivided attention for what I consider not necessary to interrupt my QUILTING HOUR!!!! To be honest, sometimes the dogs won't let me settle in there either. Must be a conspiracy!

Do you ever feel like your sewing talents are being...well ...not used to their best ability? Here is what I saw this morning...laying sweetly between my terrier's paws.

SO, like a good sewing mama, I had to pull out quilting thread and needle to give this bone a good mending. VOILA! Now it is good for another week or so. I will be able to tell it needs another mending when I find stuffing ALL over the living room carpet. Naughty doggies!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And the winner is....

well, here let me show are all the names in a bowl....

Rally decided HE needed to pick the name....

And he pickedPatti!

So Patti...if you will send me your snail mail..I will send you your quilt gifty. I thank all of you for being my blog friends. I am working on an idea for my 'blogiversary' coming up ...

Here is a small project I have been working on. At my sewing class, we were given a couple of LARGE pieces of this lovely fabric. It is a knit...soft..and kind of embossed with a design. I took home a small piece, divided it in 4 pieces, and serged the edges. I hope to donate them to the Children's Hospital. I have heard that they love those sizes in the NICU. Have you ever seen this type of fabric before?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just a SMALL wager!

As you know, I'm an avid Arizona Diamondback fan. We went to the game last night dragging our 'Rabid member of the Red Sox Nation' son. He complained all the way down there! Now tell me, what self respecting BASEBALL Fan would turn down a perfectly good baseball game??? I will watch any game that is on...for the most part.
There were a GOOD many Cubbies fans...VERY LOUD! I can just hope our rookies will be on their best baseball behavior tonight!

My friend who lives in Southern California, is a Dodger fan...and I who am a D-backs fan have a small wager going this season. When the Dodgers and D-backs play each other, the winner recieves from the loser one fat quarter and some dog treats. I did I mention we are both dog lovers? She has a lovely chocolate lab..and I have...well..two MUTTS! (I do love them ..just not today...nervous nellies again got me up at 4:45..::::sigh::::) At the moment, the D-backs are leading the Dodgers and last time we played them, we swept them. Look what came in the mail today!

They are called Witches Undies! Arent' they a HOOT!!?? I have an unfinished Buck a Block in this green and purple that may fit together quite nicely. The one that reads as a solid has little eyes between the lines. Too cute~ Thank you so much J! ( won't mention her name...didnt' get her permission!

Rookie and Rally just HAD to have a sniff before the package was opened.

They KNOW that there are NO TREATS till those furry bottoms hit the floor. Rally (the terrier) usually sits before I even get the treat out of the box. This was no exception.

Friday, August 24, 2007

quiet and HOT!

By the time school starts (and we have reached the end of the 2nd week here ) I'm SO ready for some cooler weather. I tell my husband that every year at about this time, I get what I call 'seasonal amnesia'. I scratch my head and declare "WHY IN THE HECK DO WE LIVE HERE IN THIS HOT ARIZONA?????!!!!!" If you will just bear with me about 2 months, by the time October comes around, I will slap my forehead (ala 'I could have had a V-8) and say...AHHHH! THIS is why we live here! This year we are flirting with a record. I think the most days over 110 is like 28 and we are at 27. I am SO thankful for air conditioning!

Not much to show in the sewing/quilting dept. I am still working steadily but slowly on quilting the QOV on my frame. I should have that off in the next day or so. Then I will load and quilt the group quilt that is my priority. I did make 4 (only 3 in the picture) pillowcases for a group donating them to kids in the hospital. I broke down and used up the rest of the 'Joe Cool' Snoopy fabric. I have ALWAYS been a Snoopy fan. I remember my mom giving me Snoopy sheets and towels to take off to college. My daughter had a pair of Snoopy overalls I lent to someone and never saw again. SO SAD! I like the pillowcase with the dog prints all over the cuff. I would used that twice, but that is all I had. I know some kiddo will love them. The 2nd two are Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents. I don't know WHY the fairies are in there, but Sponge Bob was purchased for a former girl friend of my older son. Good reason to use it up!

Last year I started a Block of the Month. I love the blocks, but I was not crazy about the applique. I also love to do applique, much to the delight of my quilt group. I am a machine piecer and quilter...The only thing I do by hand is sew down binding. So imagine my surprise when I discovered I like hand applique. My friend Pam, the applique lover in the group at the time, steered me toward silk thread and straw needles. I heartily ENDORSE them! The straw needles take TINY 'bites' of fabric..and the silk thread disappears into the fabric never to be seen again. Yesterday at the big sale at the quilt shop (not patterns I am afraid!) I found THIS. I LOVE THEM! Now the big prob is to prepare the pieces so I can work on them on my next trip out of town. (or soccer practice WHEN it cools off!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A special family cookbook

My mom gave me this cookbook when my husband and I got married. The book is about a young lady who shortly into the story, gets engaged to be married..and then married. Each chaper has a short story and ...then they EAT! In EVERY chapter they EAT! LOLOL All the recipes are from scratch and Bettina (the lady in the story) keeps an emergency shelf. I guess that is what I call my pantry..but then EVERY meal is an emergency at my house! My son is so hungry all the time that every meal is an emergency to his stomach!

Here my Grandmother had put her name and the year she was married: 1930
Then my mom put her name and year of marriage: 1955, and then she put my name and the year my husband and I married : 1979

I checked inside to see the date it was published. Can you believe it was published in 1917? I think I better take better care of it! Some day it will have our daughters name in it. One of my prized possessions.

I looked in it yesterday for a recipe for gingerbread. I have been wanting to make gingerbread and a lemon sauce. I have NO idea where I ever heard of these together. No one in my family can remember eating this. Have you ever had gingerbread with lemon sauce?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

one more chance

Tomorrow I will draw a name from the commenters on my 100th blog. Still time to get in there...

I had all sorts of plans today...and at 10:30pm last night, our middle kid (22 yr old son who lives elsewhere) called to say he thought he had broken his foot playing indoor soccer. I am blogging quickly as it is 10am...and he has an 11:45 appt with the nurse practioner. Cross your fingers it is just really sprained. I think he cannot drive with a cast on his foot...and you guessed it..he drives a standard!

Did anyone have trouble with Blogger yesterday? I could not comment all evening. I know they did some routine maintainence yesterday...but I didn't think it would take that long...

Maybe this afternoon I will get a chance to sew.I need to piece a back at the least...

Monday, August 20, 2007


Do you have something to help when you hit a slump or roadblock? It seems to take me FOREVER to either get up enough courage to keep going..or figure out a solution. Here is my latest roadblock:

I had pieced a HAD quilt from Judy's blog. I even loaded it on the frame. I had not however ,quilted in a long time...I was RUSTY. My friend came over and she is a new machine quilter. We both wanted to try this new panto I had gotten. To make a long story short, I was not happy with our attempts..EITHER OF US. Since this is destined to be a QOV, it was suggested that I just keep going...after all it is going to charity. I must be a closet perfectionist...I just cannot do a great job piecing and then do a Cr---- job quilting it. What do you think?

Here is a picture of the quilting I plan to pick out ....

and here is a bit farther on...when I seem to have a better hand...

How do you get over a roadblock? I hope mine is DONE!

I had been looking for something to roll my sewing machine and supplies in when I go to class or Lunch Bunch. Poking around Home Depot (my 2nd fav place after quilt shops off all shapes and sizes), I saw a tool box...the bottom section was just open storage, with a top tool box for supplies. It WOULD have been just right...EXCEPT..the bottom section was not large enough for my Bernina. :::sigh::::
Here is my solution: I found a foldable crate on wheels. It is large enought for my sewing machine and supplies. On top , goes a lid so I can put a bag or basket with everything else. I have used the HECK out of it already!

My youngest son put his TV and Playstation in it to drag it around while we were on vacation. I would like to KISS the person who put wheels on EVERYTHING.

ps that is the back end of Rookie..the weird lab...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

baseball Saturday

I have not gotten alot accomplished today. I HAVE watched my share of baseball tho! One of our local Little League teams played in the Little League World Series. They played GREAT and won against my Diamondbacks are having a good game against the Atlanta Braves. Our pitcher has hit TWO homeruns! In the National League, the pitchers bat for themselves. Usually it is a wash...pitcher either bunts to move a runner over..or gets out. This guy has 2 home runs and a double! That makes 5 runs he has batted in..some kind of pitcher record! He looks kinda tired! All that pitching...all that batting...all that running!

If I get any quilty stuff done I can post..I will come back and treat you to a picture...

Friday, August 17, 2007

The last limerick

Here is the last one ...unless I decided to write one and subject YOU to read it! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! ( must be the heat...:::grin::::)

This was the winner...but I liked the Mini Cooper one the best.

"Alas," she did write to the nation,
"We went on a Phoenix vacation."
On computer she blogged,
"While together we jogged
He died of spontaneous cremation."

(Told ya I liked the Mini Cooper better!)

Today was our Lunch Bunch lunch together. We will sew together next time. I was 30 mins late as I had to take older DS to work. He had to be there at noon. We split the difference...He was 30 mins early..and I was 30 mins late. He may be able to drive as early as next week (medical reasons for no driving...not 'in trouble with the police' reasons!)

Remember that dust storm I showed you the other day? (the haboob?) We had one last night! I was driving my son to soccer practice. I had to slow down to 55 in a 65 mph zone ( unHEARD of in this town!). By the time we got home, I felt like I had a 'sand blast' facial! YUCK

I hope to have something quilty to show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Limerick #2

I am heavy into laundry, a bit of house cleaning and SEWING. I HAVE to get a border done today. I will take pictures as I go along, but I cannot post them here yet.When the recipient recieves it, I will show you. Its a group quilt.

Here is limerick runner up #1:

My new Mini Cooper is tiny.
Its cute and its red and its shiny.
But when the sun beats
On my black leather seats
I get third degree burns on my heinie.

Predicted high today... 108 degrees..with 109 and 110 later in the week. :::sigh:::

I may check in later if I get far enough on my To Do list.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Arizona limerick

Our local newspaper runs a local 'lore' columm. Its kind of a catch all ...every year we hear about scorpions,

monsoons (our summer rainy season) (this picture is actually called a 'haboob'. It is caused the downward rush of air from the middle of the storm. The wind picks up all the dust in the desert and thus this wall. The visiblity can go from 10 miles to 2 feet in the matter of secondse.)

and all sorts of family squabbles about weather and state related trivia. In the summer, they run a limerick contest. They only published three, but from what I hear they throw out ALOT OF BAD limericks! I happen to like limericks, so I will let you read the 3 they did publish. Here is runner up #2:

(oh..I forgot to tell you..the theme is our blazing summer heat. Maybe it is just to prove our brains have not fried yet this year. Emphasis on YET!)

There once was a Liverpool bloke
Who thought our monsoons were a joke.
He said, "Oh, pish posh.
I'll just drive thru that wash."
What he learned was a fast way to croak."

( I will bring you up to date! When we get our summer storms(i.e. monsoon), they are FAST and furious. All the dry river beds fill up in a HURRY. There is always someone who tries to drive thru the fast (and sometimes slow LOOKING) water. We even have a 'stupid motorist' law for those people who drive around a barricade and then have to be rescued from the top of their submerged cars.)

Tomorrow limerick runner up #1 ..which will not need any explanation. Maybe I will try my hand at one next year. HA!


Thank you for all your comments! I spend another short night sleeping..and more time in the sewing room with nervous nellies (no thunderstorm, but one nearby THEY heard. I did NOT..but I was still up with them.::::sigh::::) I didn't get any more yoyos made. I have not decided what to DO with mine. Here are my two ideas:

A yo yo garland for the Christmas tree...the scrappier the better!

or how about a yoyo doll? Do any of you remember those? I think the one that comes to mind 1st is the clown doll.

I found a good tutorial for making these at
sunshinescreations. She also has some other yoyo tutorials. Maybe you will find one YOU like!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I just noticed this is my 100th post! WOW! I didn't think I would make it a WEEK..much less 100 posts! If you will leave your name on my comments, I will draw a name for a 100th post gifty. Nothing fancy..just a gifty...a thank you for stopping by.

I had purchased one of the new yo yo makers. I don't have ANY clue what I will MAKE with them! Last night around 1am we had a HUGE rain/thunder/lightening show. My nervous nelly dogs did their usual dog and pony show. The only place they even PRETEND they can exist during a storm is under my sewing table. I tried going back to bed around 3..but as SOON as my head hit the pillow...KA BOOM...back I went to the sewing room. I started out watching some Tivo-ed Mystery Woman episodes, but as the thunder would get closer, I would chicken out and turn off the TV. Of COURSE the sewing machine is STILL unplugged- I NEVER take a chance on that...even tho it IS plugged into a good serge protector! I rifled thru a small crate of scraps and tried out the yo yo maker. That thing is FUN! Here is how it works:

You get these two circles.

You place the fabric right side down in the big circle, push the smaller one in ...trim (this one has already been trimmed)

then you turn it over and stab stitch (up and down) in the small openings, overlapping the 1st stitch



Pop fabric out of both circles

pull up on thread

Keep gathering until you have a yo yo!

Look at all the yo yos I made in the middle of the night!...(I think I feel a NAP coming on!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back!

After a short trip to Southern California....a couple of baseball games (go Diamondbacks)...a trip to M & L fabrics ( a great place for backings..they have $1.69 and $2.89 /yd fabrics) ..a movie (No Reservations)....a stolen credit card number...I am back home and ready to get things DONE! I am shooting for blogging daily. Or at LEAST every other day.

I like to get returning students something FUN with their school supplies. My older kids liked that...this kiddo seems to think I'm trying to EMBARASS him!? (and I thought that was my JOB!!! silly me!) Look what I found at Staples! He decided he wanted this ' to live at home" WELL, if he feels that way about it, I will keep it myself. SO THERE! Whimsical things tickle my funny bone!