quiet and HOT!

By the time school starts (and we have reached the end of the 2nd week here ) I'm SO ready for some cooler weather. I tell my husband that every year at about this time, I get what I call 'seasonal amnesia'. I scratch my head and declare "WHY IN THE HECK DO WE LIVE HERE IN THIS HOT ARIZONA?????!!!!!" If you will just bear with me about 2 months, by the time October comes around, I will slap my forehead (ala 'I could have had a V-8) and say...AHHHH! THIS is why we live here! This year we are flirting with a record. I think the most days over 110 is like 28 and we are at 27. I am SO thankful for air conditioning!

Not much to show in the sewing/quilting dept. I am still working steadily but slowly on quilting the QOV on my frame. I should have that off in the next day or so. Then I will load and quilt the group quilt that is my priority. I did make 4 (only 3 in the picture) pillowcases for a group donating them to kids in the hospital. I broke down and used up the rest of the 'Joe Cool' Snoopy fabric. I have ALWAYS been a Snoopy fan. I remember my mom giving me Snoopy sheets and towels to take off to college. My daughter had a pair of Snoopy overalls I lent to someone and never saw again. SO SAD! I like the pillowcase with the dog prints all over the cuff. I would used that twice, but that is all I had. I know some kiddo will love them. The 2nd two are Sponge Bob Squarepants and the Fairly Odd Parents. I don't know WHY the fairies are in there, but Sponge Bob was purchased for a former girl friend of my older son. Good reason to use it up!

Last year I started a Block of the Month. I love the blocks, but I was not crazy about the applique. I also love to do applique, much to the delight of my quilt group. I am a machine piecer and quilter...The only thing I do by hand is sew down binding. So imagine my surprise when I discovered I like hand applique. My friend Pam, the applique lover in the group at the time, steered me toward silk thread and straw needles. I heartily ENDORSE them! The straw needles take TINY 'bites' of fabric..and the silk thread disappears into the fabric never to be seen again. Yesterday at the big sale at the quilt shop (not patterns I am afraid!) I found THIS. I LOVE THEM! Now the big prob is to prepare the pieces so I can work on them on my next trip out of town. (or soccer practice WHEN it cools off!

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Hi Beth! Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment on my own blog! I love 'meeting' new quilters and have added you to my reading list! Thanks also for the tip about the silk thread and straw needles..I am checking into both as I want to retry hand applique, myself. Loved your blog, you have the mini-cooper of my dreams and I'll be back!
Angie said…
Hey Beth, those pillowcases are so cute! Love the doggie print one too...that's adorable! :P Record breaking temps in my neck of the woods for the last month or so too. :( HOT,Hot, hot! I'm so ready for Fall!
I love learning new things about my friends. :) Applique is my favorite sewing medium. Slow slow, that's me, but it's still my favorite. :> And I use nothing but silk thread for my applique. The needles I'm still trying to figure out. I do like the straw needles, but sometimes I want a shorter needle. So I have lots of different hand-needles but I can't tell you which one I prefer. :) I must have a dozen or more different hand-applique projects in the UFO/WIP/Evenutally piles. LOL
Angie said…
Dang, I meant to tell you that I love that old-fashioned wild rose quilt/block!! I haven't seen that pattern before.
Darlene said…
I love to hand applique but then again I love all types of handwork. So incredibly relaxing.

Didn't make the trek across town to the BIG sale.

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