Do you have something to help when you hit a slump or roadblock? It seems to take me FOREVER to either get up enough courage to keep going..or figure out a solution. Here is my latest roadblock:

I had pieced a HAD quilt from Judy's blog. I even loaded it on the frame. I had not however ,quilted in a long time...I was RUSTY. My friend came over and she is a new machine quilter. We both wanted to try this new panto I had gotten. To make a long story short, I was not happy with our attempts..EITHER OF US. Since this is destined to be a QOV, it was suggested that I just keep going...after all it is going to charity. I must be a closet perfectionist...I just cannot do a great job piecing and then do a Cr---- job quilting it. What do you think?

Here is a picture of the quilting I plan to pick out ....

and here is a bit farther on...when I seem to have a better hand...

How do you get over a roadblock? I hope mine is DONE!

I had been looking for something to roll my sewing machine and supplies in when I go to class or Lunch Bunch. Poking around Home Depot (my 2nd fav place after quilt shops off all shapes and sizes), I saw a tool box...the bottom section was just open storage, with a top tool box for supplies. It WOULD have been just right...EXCEPT..the bottom section was not large enough for my Bernina. :::sigh::::
Here is my solution: I found a foldable crate on wheels. It is large enought for my sewing machine and supplies. On top , goes a lid so I can put a bag or basket with everything else. I have used the HECK out of it already!

My youngest son put his TV and Playstation in it to drag it around while we were on vacation. I would like to KISS the person who put wheels on EVERYTHING.

ps that is the back end of Rookie..the weird lab...


Did the crate on wheels thingy come from Home Depot or an office supply store? I've been know to unstitch half a quilt before.
Mary said…
Did you pick out the quilting? I see what you're talking about but you did get better. I probably would leave it in myself because once the quilt is washed, it would be hard to see the little wobbles.

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