A special family cookbook

My mom gave me this cookbook when my husband and I got married. The book is about a young lady who shortly into the story, gets engaged to be married..and then married. Each chaper has a short story and ...then they EAT! In EVERY chapter they EAT! LOLOL All the recipes are from scratch and Bettina (the lady in the story) keeps an emergency shelf. I guess that is what I call my pantry..but then EVERY meal is an emergency at my house! My son is so hungry all the time that every meal is an emergency to his stomach!

Here my Grandmother had put her name and the year she was married: 1930
Then my mom put her name and year of marriage: 1955, and then she put my name and the year my husband and I married : 1979

I checked inside to see the date it was published. Can you believe it was published in 1917? I think I better take better care of it! Some day it will have our daughters name in it. One of my prized possessions.

I looked in it yesterday for a recipe for gingerbread. I have been wanting to make gingerbread and a lemon sauce. I have NO idea where I ever heard of these together. No one in my family can remember eating this. Have you ever had gingerbread with lemon sauce?


Tanya said…
What a treasure! Your daughters will someday love this!
Angie said…
Wow, what a treasure you have in that book, Beth!! And yes, as a matter of fact, they served gingerbread with lemon sauce when I was in grade school. I can't believe I remember that, but I didn't like the lemon sauce...my SIL made it and put cool whip on top. Now THAT is yummy!!! I have an ancient cookbook that was my Mom's. Do you want me to see if I can find the recipe for you?
QuiltingFitzy said…
That sounds great! I've never had it, but I'm not ready to heat up the kitchen with the oven yet!
Anonymous said…
yep gingerbread and warm lemon sauce is the best. enjoy..

Anonymous said…
do you have the betty crocker cookbook

The gingerbread recipe and the clear lemon sauce recipe in there are probably the best i've ever eaten


Isn't it too hot to bake there????

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