Limerick #2

I am heavy into laundry, a bit of house cleaning and SEWING. I HAVE to get a border done today. I will take pictures as I go along, but I cannot post them here yet.When the recipient recieves it, I will show you. Its a group quilt.

Here is limerick runner up #1:

My new Mini Cooper is tiny.
Its cute and its red and its shiny.
But when the sun beats
On my black leather seats
I get third degree burns on my heinie.

Predicted high today... 108 degrees..with 109 and 110 later in the week. :::sigh:::

I may check in later if I get far enough on my To Do list.


Norma said…
Hey there, neighbor! Are you in the Phoenix area? I live in Mesa. My hubby is a retired AF Chief Master Sgt. We were stationed at Williams, retired and stayed in the area. There are several AZ quilters who blog, we need to support each other so we survive the heat!!

Enjoyed reading your posts!

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