Just a SMALL wager!

As you know, I'm an avid Arizona Diamondback fan. We went to the game last night dragging our 'Rabid member of the Red Sox Nation' son. He complained all the way down there! Now tell me, what self respecting BASEBALL Fan would turn down a perfectly good baseball game??? I will watch any game that is on...for the most part.
There were a GOOD many Cubbies fans...VERY LOUD! I can just hope our rookies will be on their best baseball behavior tonight!

My friend who lives in Southern California, is a Dodger fan...and I who am a D-backs fan have a small wager going this season. When the Dodgers and D-backs play each other, the winner recieves from the loser one fat quarter and some dog treats. I did I mention we are both dog lovers? She has a lovely chocolate lab..and I have...well..two MUTTS! (I do love them ..just not today...nervous nellies again got me up at 4:45..::::sigh::::) At the moment, the D-backs are leading the Dodgers and last time we played them, we swept them. Look what came in the mail today!

They are called Witches Undies! Arent' they a HOOT!!?? I have an unfinished Buck a Block in this green and purple that may fit together quite nicely. The one that reads as a solid has little eyes between the lines. Too cute~ Thank you so much J! ( won't mention her name...didnt' get her permission!

Rookie and Rally just HAD to have a sniff before the package was opened.

They KNOW that there are NO TREATS till those furry bottoms hit the floor. Rally (the terrier) usually sits before I even get the treat out of the box. This was no exception.


Angie said…
WoooHooo, you go girlfriend!! :D Aren't those 'babies' precious--mean ole Mom makes them sit before they get their goody :(
Patti said…
What a fun type of wager! Now I just need to find a baseball fan to play with.

Isn't it exciting that our two teams are doing so very well at the moment? How fun if they ended up playing each other in the WS!
Sweet P said…
I'm a Red Sox fan and I will watch any game. I especially love it when the Yankees lose.
Linda_J said…
I'm a STL Cardinal fan and want to thank your D-backs for beating those Cubs today. My fav teams are the Cards and whoever is playing the Cubs after all, LOL.

What cute Halloween fabric!
Kathy Wagner said…
Love the witches undies! What are you going to make with these wonderful fabrics?!?!
Anonymous said…
Like Sweet P - I'm a Red Sox fan and love it when the Yankees lose. The upcoming series between the Red Sox & Yankees should be a good one. GO SOX
Beth - nice job on the quilt.

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