An Arizona limerick

Our local newspaper runs a local 'lore' columm. Its kind of a catch all ...every year we hear about scorpions,

monsoons (our summer rainy season) (this picture is actually called a 'haboob'. It is caused the downward rush of air from the middle of the storm. The wind picks up all the dust in the desert and thus this wall. The visiblity can go from 10 miles to 2 feet in the matter of secondse.)

and all sorts of family squabbles about weather and state related trivia. In the summer, they run a limerick contest. They only published three, but from what I hear they throw out ALOT OF BAD limericks! I happen to like limericks, so I will let you read the 3 they did publish. Here is runner up #2:

(oh..I forgot to tell you..the theme is our blazing summer heat. Maybe it is just to prove our brains have not fried yet this year. Emphasis on YET!)

There once was a Liverpool bloke
Who thought our monsoons were a joke.
He said, "Oh, pish posh.
I'll just drive thru that wash."
What he learned was a fast way to croak."

( I will bring you up to date! When we get our summer storms(i.e. monsoon), they are FAST and furious. All the dry river beds fill up in a HURRY. There is always someone who tries to drive thru the fast (and sometimes slow LOOKING) water. We even have a 'stupid motorist' law for those people who drive around a barricade and then have to be rescued from the top of their submerged cars.)

Tomorrow limerick runner up #1 ..which will not need any explanation. Maybe I will try my hand at one next year. HA!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
haboob-- my vocabulary word for the day... wild weather, be careful!
QuiltingFitzy said…
Every time I say HABOOB, it's immediately followed by my listerner's, "HUH?". No one gets it, lol...unless you live here.

I work on the 9th floor of the Pima County Building, I can see a haboob coming for miles, it is SO cool!

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