I just noticed this is my 100th post! WOW! I didn't think I would make it a WEEK..much less 100 posts! If you will leave your name on my comments, I will draw a name for a 100th post gifty. Nothing fancy..just a gifty...a thank you for stopping by.

I had purchased one of the new yo yo makers. I don't have ANY clue what I will MAKE with them! Last night around 1am we had a HUGE rain/thunder/lightening show. My nervous nelly dogs did their usual dog and pony show. The only place they even PRETEND they can exist during a storm is under my sewing table. I tried going back to bed around 3..but as SOON as my head hit the pillow...KA BOOM...back I went to the sewing room. I started out watching some Tivo-ed Mystery Woman episodes, but as the thunder would get closer, I would chicken out and turn off the TV. Of COURSE the sewing machine is STILL unplugged- I NEVER take a chance on that...even tho it IS plugged into a good serge protector! I rifled thru a small crate of scraps and tried out the yo yo maker. That thing is FUN! Here is how it works:

You get these two circles.

You place the fabric right side down in the big circle, push the smaller one in ...trim (this one has already been trimmed)

then you turn it over and stab stitch (up and down) in the small openings, overlapping the 1st stitch



Pop fabric out of both circles

pull up on thread

Keep gathering until you have a yo yo!

Look at all the yo yos I made in the middle of the night!...(I think I feel a NAP coming on!)


Patti said…
Congratulations on reaching the 100 post milestone!

Love those yoyos - I've been so tempted to buy one of those things. I want to string a bunch of yoyos together to use as a garland on our Christmas tree.
Tracey said…
Happy 100th post!

I bought one of those yo-yo makers too, mostly because DD wanted to play with it...I did try it and it is fun! I'll probably make some yo-yos, but I'd never do a whole quilt! I saw some totebags with yoyos in a row all around them this week, and I thought that is a cute and doable idea.

I finally saw the heart and flower ones in a shop this past weekend, so of course I had to buy the flower to try that, too!

Such fun!
QuiltingFitzy said…
You're on my daily read list, I really enjoy your blog.

Happy 100th post!
tami said…
Happy 100th post. :-)
May Britt said…
Happy blogiversay 100 posts.
I have never tried to make yo-yo's but it seems very easy to do with this yo-yo maker. What are you going to do with yours??
Fiona said…
I have those yo-yo makers too, but I haven't a clue what I will make with them either, but it sure does seem a lot easier than the traditional way. Congratulations on your 100th post.
Lindah said…
100 blogs! Congratulations! I have been along for about the last half of those and I do enjoy your writing. Thanks for the yo tutorial. I just bought one, but haven't opened the package yet. My thought for some time has been to make basket blocks with yo's for flowers. Now, of course, they have the flower shaped yo maker. More fun!
Angie said…
Hey Beth! Congrats on your 100th post, my friend!! :> Isn't it funny how many comments you get when you mention 'gifty' LOL. Hope you've had a fun Summer, and that the start of school isn't too hard on you. :) I'm going to eventually get those circles to try. Do you like them?
joyce said…
Happy 100th. What are you going to do with all those yoyos?
Annie said…
Happy 100th post.....amazing how it doesn't take long to hit that milestone!! The yo-yo's look interesting......
Darlene said…
100 - WOW - way to go! Love the yo-yos. I have a couple of those and truly enjoy just making them for fun. Something to do with my hands when I have nothing else. LOL
Rockycamp said…
I wondered about the yo yo maker. I'm a gadget junkie and I wondered if I "needed" it;).
Am I too late?
Hi, happy 100th!
I love these yo-yo makers, i have to get my hands on some, they do such a great job. Thanks for the tute to refresh me on why I love them! Tracey
Nn859 said…
Way to go GF !!!! Now if you could just inspire me to updare my blog occasionally LOL

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