I'm back!

After a short trip to Southern California....a couple of baseball games (go Diamondbacks)...a trip to M & L fabrics ( a great place for backings..they have $1.69 and $2.89 /yd fabrics) ..a movie (No Reservations)....a stolen credit card number...I am back home and ready to get things DONE! I am shooting for blogging daily. Or at LEAST every other day.

I like to get returning students something FUN with their school supplies. My older kids liked that...this kiddo seems to think I'm trying to EMBARASS him!? (and I thought that was my JOB!!! silly me!) Look what I found at Staples! He decided he wanted this ' to live at home" WELL, if he feels that way about it, I will keep it myself. SO THERE! Whimsical things tickle my funny bone!


tami said…
I definitely think it's the parent's job to embarass their children. Just like it's the children's job to drive their parents crazy. :-D
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Splat! That's just too cute, great find... wherever it decides to live.
Beth said…
Tell 'em it's not your job, it's just a perk!

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