baseball Saturday

I have not gotten alot accomplished today. I HAVE watched my share of baseball tho! One of our local Little League teams played in the Little League World Series. They played GREAT and won against my Diamondbacks are having a good game against the Atlanta Braves. Our pitcher has hit TWO homeruns! In the National League, the pitchers bat for themselves. Usually it is a wash...pitcher either bunts to move a runner over..or gets out. This guy has 2 home runs and a double! That makes 5 runs he has batted in..some kind of pitcher record! He looks kinda tired! All that pitching...all that batting...all that running!

If I get any quilty stuff done I can post..I will come back and treat you to a picture...


Kim said…
Wow that is great for a pitcher :)
Is Johnson still out???
and that sand storm looks scarey

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