The last limerick

Here is the last one ...unless I decided to write one and subject YOU to read it! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! ( must be the heat...:::grin::::)

This was the winner...but I liked the Mini Cooper one the best.

"Alas," she did write to the nation,
"We went on a Phoenix vacation."
On computer she blogged,
"While together we jogged
He died of spontaneous cremation."

(Told ya I liked the Mini Cooper better!)

Today was our Lunch Bunch lunch together. We will sew together next time. I was 30 mins late as I had to take older DS to work. He had to be there at noon. We split the difference...He was 30 mins early..and I was 30 mins late. He may be able to drive as early as next week (medical reasons for no driving...not 'in trouble with the police' reasons!)

Remember that dust storm I showed you the other day? (the haboob?) We had one last night! I was driving my son to soccer practice. I had to slow down to 55 in a 65 mph zone ( unHEARD of in this town!). By the time we got home, I felt like I had a 'sand blast' facial! YUCK

I hope to have something quilty to show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


QuiltingFitzy said…
When we first moved here in April, we thought, "WOW, this breeze is lovely, think we'll open the windows." Then along came a storm, "Oh, we'll close them when the rain comes in."


The dust came in first, coating the kitchen floor (OK, I guess it coated the carpeting too, lol) with a thick layer of sandy dust.

Took us a couple of times to get the sequence we close it up first then watch the storm rolling in. Geez Louise!
Yes, I like the Mini Cooper one better, too!

Loved looking at all your quilts - what a beautiful art! Maybe someday! Now that I have everyone out of diapers, I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel...
Tanya said…
Wow, that sandstorm would give me with willies. I don't know if I could cope with sand everywere! (Remember I'm dealing with mold this week.) Loved reading the limericks.

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