I'm ALONE! is only TEMPORARY. And that is ok! My husband retired from his 2nd job in 2005 and I'm STILL acclimating to the fact that I rarely have the house to myself. Countless times I have spent my mornings busy doing housework or lunch..and JUST sit down in the sewing room for a few minutes before picking up the kiddo at school, and SOMEONE needs my undivided attention for what I consider not necessary to interrupt my QUILTING HOUR!!!! To be honest, sometimes the dogs won't let me settle in there either. Must be a conspiracy!

Do you ever feel like your sewing talents are being...well ...not used to their best ability? Here is what I saw this morning...laying sweetly between my terrier's paws.

SO, like a good sewing mama, I had to pull out quilting thread and needle to give this bone a good mending. VOILA! Now it is good for another week or so. I will be able to tell it needs another mending when I find stuffing ALL over the living room carpet. Naughty doggies!


Angie said…
Beth, you took the thoughts right out of my head and the words right out of my mouth!!!! :D Enjoy your temp time alone---it will fly---I too feel like I'm NEVER LEFT ALONE even when DH is gone, the 'boys' aka Dewey and Badger whine and carry on if I go in my sewing room. So, what's up with these dogs??? ROFL, I do the very same thing with their toys--I'm always mending them--geesh, no wonder I never actually complete a quilty project from start to finish! LOL Glad to know there's someone else out there that's in the same fix. :D
Linda_J said…
My husband being retired is always home except for the golf course every other morning. I love the man but I really enjoy that quiet time at home without him and/or the TV blaring. While I can do anything I want, when I want, more or less, there is just something about the private, alone time that is precious----and keeps me from wanting to throttle him on occasion, LOL. Is that the key to a happy marriage--get out of my face and give me some space?
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I have likewise sewed a few (1,000?) dog toys back together feeling all the while that my sewing/quilting skill were being underused... but, in all fairness, I did feel very appreciated!
Anonymous said…
I have stopped buying dog toys because the Twins keep eating the squeakers out. The only toys that they haven't been able to do that with are the small $1 toy balls like miniature basketballs the size of a tennis ball. But they aren't retrievers and they don't play ball, so I sew the ball into a fabric 'sack' and add a few long streamers of 2" wide strips of fabric. They go crazy over a 'new' toy! They eat it, of course, so I have to do this every week or so. But with all my scraps, it's free! {{{}}KSh
Yes, much as we love them, we were not designed to be together all the time! Tracey
Elaine Adair said…
I've been away for a while so ...
-- amazing dust storms - never have I seen such a photo
-- love the limericks
--thanks for the yo-yo maker photos and clear instructions - I've been tempted to buy them but didn't know if they worked! Great job!

There once was a woman from Lanore
Whose mouth was as wide as a door
While attempting to grin
She slipped and fell in
And laid inside out on the floor!

swooze said…
Heck yes I know the feeling. I probably should repair the toys as I go so I don't have to keep buying them!

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