an ahHA moment!

Don't you just love when a new idea tickles your fancy..and then WORKS...really well!? I think it is one of the reasons I quilt! (among MANY MANY others!)

Last weekend, my friend wanted to quilt a quilt for a family that was moving away. The husband always put up the Christmas tree at their church, so she wanted to quilt a tree someplace on the quilt. She didn't want a tree panto..just a couple trees. I pawed thru my quilting books and Quiltmaker back issues to find a tree she liked, that I thought I could quilt. We found a couple...and now the quilt from the back like a panto? Or what is my other option? Now remember, I never got an owners class with Lucy. I"m flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. (with LOTS of help from my Gammill Yahoo group and MQR!). Then I remembered: I can use the laser stylus from the needle side (read: freemotion side). is what we did:

First, I put the laser on the top of the machine. There is a post JUST for this option. Now I can point the light ON the quilt.

Next, I traced one of the trees I liked. (I labeled the copy where I found the tree pattern. Just in case I want to look for it again...I think this copy will go into a file marked :trees. Then next time I CAN look for trees, I just won't have to if this one or the other 3 I found will fit the bill.) Then I found the spot where I wanted the tree to go, put my needle down, and the laser light on the top of the tree. (you will notice too that I taped the corners with blue tape. This time of year, we use ceiling fans in EVERY room. The fan was moving the it got taped: worked like a charm...I love that stuff!)

Then I just quilted the tree, following along as I would with a panto. It was nice to be able to see as I quilted. If I was going to get too close to something, I could just modify the design as I went along. Kind of panto meets freemotion. I hope you can see the tree. We only put 3 on the whole top and the rest was stippled. I LOVED this method and will use it again! I spent more time looking for a tree, than I did moving that laser. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I hope you will try this and let me know how it works for you.

I have been working hard to get my sewing room ORGANIZED! Just when I think I"m ready to take a picture, I find something ELSE to do...then I trash the whole place again! Its getting to the point I can ACTUALLY walk around in there (of course stepping over sleeping hulks of dogs..they get shooed frequently, but as soon as I plop down at the sewing machine, one sneaks back between the cutting and ironing tables...and we go round and round!). Soon I will be confident enough to show you some pictures...and then maybe I can work on the long arm room! HA! I must be feeling AMBITIOUS today! I think I may be alone next weekend...the anticipation must be going to my head....lolol


That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for sharing!
scraphappy said…
What a clever way to use a pattern and still see the quilt top. I'll have to check my machine and see if there is a spot for the laser doohickey on the front. If not, I'm sure some of that handy blue tape would do the trick.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! I used yellow flimsy paper, but this is much neater...and quicker. Too hot to be out there right no.

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