I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted! I have been READING blogs..just not motivated to WRITE one!

Here is a great picture! This quilt was made by one of my quilt students! She and her sister and mom were here in Phx. The men went to play golf, and the girls took my Fire Escape class. Miss E has hers FINISHED and ON the bed! I'm so proud! Don't you like the colors she picked? For me that is half the fun!

This is the top:

And here is the back. She took my advise and did a scrappy back! I'm so proud AGAIN!
Well done Miss E!

This is a Terry Atkinson pattern called Fire Escape. It reminds me of the play bill for West Side Story. One of my all time favs...its a fun pattern, and as you can see, can be done nicely by a beginner. This was Miss E's 1st quilt. Lets hope she has caught the quilt bug...


Good to see you posting again. Love that quilt! Those are my favorite colors.
Angie said…
Great photos---she had an excellent teacher!!! :D So glad to 'see' you, girl. I've missed you. Hope you are having a fabulous Summer.

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