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I have had time to myself..and have not gotten much done at all! can you say VEG IN THE HEAT? I was up from 2-4am last night..my panicky dog got all excited about a dry thunderstorm. I love that dog..but DANG. I woke up thinking we were having an EARTHQUAKE! He just had his claws in the bed..and was shaking all over. I was glad no earthquake...and I DID get some sewing done. He just climbs under the sewing table and quakes.

Here is the finished Christmas wall hanging. I had more trouble with this...and the instructions were fine...I was just spacey! I hope to quilt this 2nd in line...Maybe more tomorrow? I did take my backing off the design wall and finished piecing it. It goes on after the quick lap quilt on there now. Thanks for stopping by...

ps This was a free pattern. If you are interested, you can find it at:

clothworks textiles. You have to scroll down ...its called Snow Flurries


Mary said…
that is a cute pattern. Love it.. You did a great job
Angie said…
Cute quilt, Beth! Don't you just love our furbabies and their little individual personalities? :) My Badger was petrified of storms. Neither Bayley nor Marlee have a problem with them at all. Aren't they all so different. :) Hope you caught a nap in the afternoon. :)
Love the Christmas quilt.... You really did it so cute.

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