changing colors?

I have ALWAYS thought of myself as a blue girl. Even growing up, blue and more specifially ROYAL blue, has been my focus. Lately I have added periwinkle and other shades, but all in all I have more blue in my house/wardrobe/fabric stash than any other color. (well...after making Sports guy's ORANGE quilt a couple years ago, I do have a nice selection of orange too!). So imagine my surprise...I'm doing all the dib dab of laundry that often get in the wrong pile, the bottom of a hamper that gets moved...and look what I found (you are getting the end product...I'm not showing off my dirty laundry!):

GREEN! And wonder of wonders...LIME green! Who knew!? (that is 5 shirts, a pair of shorts and a pair of socks..this is more than a trend!)

Judy and Julie NoBlog will be SO proud!

And yet...look what showed up in the NEXT load?

MORE green! I think Julie NoBlog would be over the MOON, if I decided I loved green AND the Dodgers. Maybe the moon is made of GREEN CHEESE too!


Judy Laquidara said…
Oh, yes, I'm proud! Love the colors!
Chocolate Cat said…
Had to laugh because this is one of my colors, now! , would never of said so until my daughter pointed out just how many items of 'green' clothing I have!!!

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