funny dog!

Rally is my terrier 'of undetermined parentage': (doesnt' that sound grander than MUTT? lol) He is my 'panic during thunderstorms', 'locate every lost tennis ball that is wedged under the couch', 'see what all the other dogs have for dinner before I will eat' and the most all around amusing dog I have ever owned. I had heard that dogs cannot see television. Someone forgot to tell Rally!

It took me a few tries, but here he is trying to 'play' with the dog on Madeline. I had it on while I washed cabinents yesterday. funny scruffy loyal dog...gotta love him!


Caroline in NH said…
We have four dogs (two Australian Shepherds, one Border collie, one collie-cross) and only one of them, the collie-X, will watch TV. She can definitely see other dogs on TV!
Chocolate Cat said…
That is such a cute photo! Our Jimmy is very cute but very annoying at the same time obsessed with getting tennis balls out from under the couch that he has put there!!!!
Angie said…
Oh God, how adorable!!! At least he wants to PLAY with them--unlike my Bayley---he ATTACKS ANYTHING on TV that remotely resembles a critter of ANY kind! ROFL We actually can't watch Animal Planet anymore because of him! One of my favorite channels too. :/

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