design wall Monday

I was kinda embarrassed last my design wall had not changed ONE BIT. I think I like this..spurs me on to keep things moving. Alas, I may be away from my sewing machine ALL WEEK. I think I will be depressed! Knitting and cross stitch will have to suffice. Here is my design wall today

This is on top..I'm trying to figure out what to quilt on this. I hope by this morning to have it on the frame. This is the top that matches the backing I was working on a couple of posts ago.

And this tucked underneath. I'm afraid I will need to move this to a different room. I have a wall in our guest room where I can get the whole quilt on the wall. I'm missing about 3 rows on the bottom. I used a Bali pop (think batik jelly roll), but when I opened it, there were not enough solids for my taste. Some are really pretty..but BUSY. This may grown on me once I get a border on it. This is for our daughter..she asked for 'beachy'. Not sure this is what she had in mind!

I DO like the pattern alot...I'm thinking Bento Box meets 4 patch.

Be sure to zip over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is working on this week!


scraphappy said…
The bali pop quilt does say beachy to me -- or at least tropical. The design wall Monday is a good motivation to find something to share.
Diane said…
I think batiks and beachy work. I agree that designwall monday helps keep things moving.
QuiltSwissy said…
I can't wait to see that bali pop beachy put together. It looks incredible.

glen in Louisiana who is just "g" today

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