What a week!..oh wait..TWO weeks...and it could go on longer! This summer, sports guy (aka only kid left at home..rising high school freshman) played on 3 different teams: Little League Junior team (13-14 yr olds..not the ones you see playing in Williamsport), summer high school baseball, and soccer. I know, You and I BOTH thought soccer was over for the summer...but NO. He usually plays indoor soccer...I love it...all you do is show up for the game. No practice, little 'post game pep talk'. Just fast paced one hour game...kid tired/hungry/ ready to go home/ seen his buddies. Life is good. This summer the soccer coach proposed an out of town tournament to kind keep skills up over the summer (our season is in the fall/winter/early spring). Think of soccer summer school. We said Great! Fast forward to the end of Little League.

Sports guy made All Stars...
(what kid doesn't like to see his name up in lights!...took me over an hour to figure out how to blur that...and see what I got? Some swirly thing! HA!)

team won the district tournament and are now flying their way up the ladder of STATE tournament. Bad news is : its 4 hours from home, you dont' know when you are done (double 2 losses and you are done. IF you dont' lose, you keep INTO NEXT WEEK!) I'm not sure how other families can do this. You dont know in advance, no way to ask for work off, and its not cheap! Dad of Sports Guy is with him now with a changing of the parental guard over the weekend. (oh..I forgot..NO GAMES on the weekend...seems backwards to me!)AND in the weekend between the District and State tournaments? You guessed it :soccer tournament in San Diego! WHEW! I was a wreck and I stayed home! After 2 previous trips out of town this summer, kenneling 3 dogs is just too pricey. Chances are pretty good they may advance to district. That is in Southern California...and I"m on tap for that trip. Hubby will be dogs would be off to "camp". I'm home saving $ meals out (well..maybe one..or two!), no dogs in the kennel..and I"m working on the house.

I"m enjoying my 'forced' vacation. I don't think a time I have been home by myself to do what I like for this long since I had kids! I don't even mind cooking: no one complains! (my DH never complains...just FYI..he is wonderful!) and this strange you have 'mystery dishes'? When I go to bed, the kitchen is clean (I rarely get it ALL done..but wiped up, dishwasher loaded...clean dishes draining/other sink EMPTY) and when I get up..VOILA! these dishes just APPEAR overnight! how does that happen? I thought elves and brownies and such CLEANED up. I guess mine DIRTY up!

But home alone? nope..not one! (yes, that is a BLACK sink! Its Granite compostite: no stains and no water spots. Has a bit of a texture, but easy upkeep...never thought I would have a black sink, but it goes so nicely with the black granite!) And the same thing with laundry. I would not want to do this long term..but for a week...HEAVEN!


Chocolate Cat said…
The things we do for our kids!!!! I wouldn't cope well with the uncertainty of this as I need to plan well in advance - not too good at just going with the flow!!! Enjoy your enforced 'home holiday'!

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