close up

This is for Mary, who asked how big this ruler holder is. I tried to get picture of it last night...but it was the middle of the night (like 3:30am!). I was up with my nervous nelly dogs in a thunderstorm (that NEVER got too close...just close enought for them to HEAR up I got....). The light was I took them this morning.

Its 6 inches tall...7 inches wide..and has 8 slots

The slots are its made for the wall. Up it will soon as my wall hanging is hung!

PS Mary...I was looking at your blog...and Maggie (the infectiously happy and brightly decked out maggie?) She is my friend! I met her thru an online friend when she moved to my state. Small world! But how could you miss Maggie!too funny!


Mary said…
man, your storms continued?

I had no idea that Mary Lou Wiedman's blog was listed as one I follow. That isn't my blog, I don't have one. But thanks for believing I could do such wonderful work. LOL

Your friend is hard to miss tho. LOL

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