Have you discovered vinegar yet? I'm not talking about making a volcano for a school science fair...or a salad dressing! I'm talking about heard me...that 'C' word! I have used vinegar in my washing machine as a fabric softener for awhile. I DO use a commercial one too...but for sheets, towels, and anything ..well..STINKY, I like vinegar. Its cheap...yeah, you can smell it as you use it, but it cleans the air too. It takes all the extra 'left in the towels' detergent. I find that my towels are fluffier..and less...'crunchy' sounding. And no vinegar smell.

But today..look what I used it for today! I'm not sure you can see these pictures very I may try again on the pictures later..its dark now. Dark the dark...well..its kinda dark! I think you will see what I"m trying to show you anyway.

We have hard water in Arizona...VERY hard. SO most houses..and ours is no exception, has some type of water conditioner. Some use salt, ours does not. So I"m not accustom to finding mineral deposits on sinks and faucets.

You remember this granite with black granite composite sink? I just showed you this the other day. Can you see the deposits on the base of the faucets from here?

Can you see this better? Not TOO bad..but annoying. (its SO easy to get rid of!)

Here is the same sink..with 2 faucets cleaned. NOW there is a difference! The two on the right have been 'vinegarized' and the one on the left is 'au natural'

how did I do that you ask? Scrub scrub scrub?...nope..not even a sponge, scrubby or old toothbrush! All I did was soak a paper towel in vinegar and wrap it around. Skip off and do something else for a SEW ...or QUILT...or make molten brownies in a mug (oh wait! Thats TOMORROWS blog! oops...I spilled the cocoa beans!). Come back in about 15 mins or longer...and see what happens. MAGIC! If you still have minerals, do it again. No scrubbing needed. Gotta love that vinegar! This works on shower heads, sink sprayers, or anything else that gets minerally. You just need to figure out how to soak it. oh..and just FYI...don't get it on tiny cuts on your hands....OWWIIIIEEEEE! (ask me out I know!)


Angie said…
Clever girl! :) I too have HARD water, even with a softener system, and I've been using vinegar for cleaning for years. The biggest problem with the sinks is figuring out how to get it to stay on there long enough-----and YOU just shared that with me!! :D Thanks bunches!
Anonymous said…
If your shower heads get slow because of hard water buildup, put some vinegar in a plastic zip lock bag and put it over the head, zip closed to hold it there. Then when done, turn shower on to rinse.


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