a day in the sewing room

well..the good news is we got home from Pinetop around 6 yesterday. The bad news is that the reason we could come home is that the All Star team lost twice in 2 days. They took 3rd, which is good, but they were disappointed. They just didnt play like they wanted it the last game...they stopped running halfway to the base...dropped balls..and played like they wanted to go home. So we did. It was nice to be home, even if I had only been gone 2 days.

here is what I was working on it the sewing room today:

Its called a Fat Sack and I found the free pattern on
Terry Atkinson's blog.

I really like how you make this pleat..that is what gives it a squared bottom. Reminds me alot of the Lands End or LLBean canvas bags. I used denim for my bag bottom. I think I will like it more when I find something to use as the bottom INSIDE. I cannot even find a SCRAP of foam core in this house. I think the men used it all up when Sports guy had to do a marble maze for science. I made the mistake of lending them a rotary cutter...and found cuts in the cover of my homemade big board. GRRRR...I should know better than to lend my tools!

I DID find a very nice quilt shop in Pinetop. I snuck over there when the boys left for the field. They had to be there by 8:30, but the game didn't start till 10. PLENTY of time to peruse the aisles!

I picked up a few patriotic pieces. A good friend of my husband will be retiring from the AF Reserves in the next yr. DH is 'directing' what he wants to see in this quilt. He tried to wrangle a QOV out of me, but I was quilting it for someone else! There is also a cute heavy equipment panel perfect for a little boy (who I don't know yet...but SOME little boy!) with two coordinating fabrics (one has big tires...red, and the other one traffic cones...blue)

and this ruler holder. I dont' have it on the wall yet, but I will. I'm waiting till I have my wall hanging up before I add things around it. It will be nice to have most of those little rulers off the work area. I was tickled to find this..and a small one too. Next up: faux piping binding.


Mary said…
great fabrics. Could you post a pic of that ruler holder from the side? It looks like a better idea for the small rulers. Thanks
Chocolate Cat said…
What a shame for the boys you are home a little earlier than you expected but on the bright side you've got some extra sewing time, love the look of that bag! Great buys!!
Angie said…
So sorry about the game losses. It's hard on those yunguns. :) Girl, you have been buzzzzzyy! Love love love that bag. I wanna try oen of those. And your quilt tops in previous post are great! Thanks for sharing the brownie in a mug, I've been craving chocolate. :)

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