Boiling point!

What is your boiling point? I hit mine yesterday AND today! I'm a normally VERY patient person. I live with 2 men who are NOT..but I am... Yesterday, my laptop was connected to the internet...BUT...I could not get online. Not on AOL OR Internet Explorer. I have had this problem for a couple of months. I mentioned it to two people who usually come to my aid. No hint was I fiddled...I reinstalled BOTH Windows and AOL. No go...This took me over 2 hours...I checked the firewall...I found the IP address for our provider to manually type in...NADA...then I cried. THAT got someones attention! We will see if I get any assistance..or I hightail it to the nearest Geek Squad outpost. was marking something (to remain unnamed...kinda a Secret Santa kinda thing...) with a black Sharpie marker. I LIKE this is double ended, so I can mark JUST about anything. Do you see the problem? I HEARD the top hit the floor...while I was marking..but didn't see WHERE it went. I have almost TORN that room apart! NO TOP...I'm MAD!

So a highlighter bites the dust...I have more of those! I can ALMOST guarantee that I will find that SOON as the highlighter dries up... :::SIGH:::


Patti said…
Oh boy - Murphy's law is in full force at your house by the looks of things! May tomorrow be a brighter day.

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I've had days like this lately. I lost a top from a milk jug the other day. Weird. I took the milk from the fridge, opened it over the counter by the sink, poured the milk in my tea and the top was MISSING! Unreal. I searched everywhere until I was so mad I could spit fire. I finally returned the milk to the fridge without a top. So there, take that! This morning I found the top, under the dining room table! All I can think is that the dog or cat carried it off. Dunno. Good luck with the computer, that has to be the most frustrating of all dilemmas.

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