This time tomorrow I will have: Gotten up at Oh-dark 30 (our morphing of early..and MILITARY time!),driven to the airport ...parked my car, ridden to the terminal in a van, gone thru security,,,gotten coffee and a bottle of water, knitted or read, flown from AZ to CA, gotten off the plane to meet my friend J (YIPPEEE!),driven to a restaurant for breakfast, driven to the ROAD TO CALIFORNIA QUILT SHOW....SPENT THE WHOLE DAY>>>AND LOTS OF $$$$$ :::::GRIN:::: met Judy (IF I'm lucky and find her!)< drive back to the all the security STUFF again...and make it home in time to kiss my sleeping kiddo and fend off the furry boys and DIVE into bed! WHEW! I actually think it sounds FUN! (oh and my kiddo told me I would NOT be a better mom after a break....because ....ready for the GUILT trip????.....because I was LEAVING him! He sure has me on a short leash, doesnt' he?????) My DH was so sweet...when I asked if he would be home this week...and said I wanted to go on Thursday, he asked, "don't you want to stay over night?" Wasnt't that nice?

I will leave you with the promise of pictures on I will be WAY to exhausted to post tomorrow...and a picture of last nights dinner....

Do you have a meal that is a quick, "I cannot remember where I got the recipe/idea for this food" main dish? Here is ours:

Shish Kebabs

I use stew meat (only because at my market, that meat is not tough)...drizzle with a TINY bit of vegetable oil and then sprinkle it with dry Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing mix. Mix well so all pieces are coated with dressing mix. Grill on skewers... I grill 5 mins on each side. YUM!

See you Friday!


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