Sunday Stashbusting report...wait..its already MONDAY!

Oh so its a day shoot me! lolol I sure have been CRABBY lately. Aren't you glad you dont' have to LIVE with me?? rotlf

I didn't do QUITE as well with our local craft show as I did at Road to CA. I have trouble passing the 1/2 yd for $3 table.\

~ I got one neutral zebra piece for a pioneer braid( baby quilt will be shown soon..its one of the 3 I need to have done for March), a couple of Christmas pieces...and one I'm not sure WHY I had to have it...maybe I forgot to put it DOWN! hehehehehe
~a purse pattern with batiks from SewBatik. I did see them in CA..I just LOVE all their stuff! I have been stopping in their booth since they first came to the AZ Craft show. It is nice to see them doing so well...and so....well I have to HELP them succeed, right? :::Grin:::
~I did not purchase any backing fabrics for the baby quilts...they will be scrappy and I WILL stashdive. Pictures when they are farther along.

I will be piecing the green and black nine patch you guys helped me with, so look for a picture of that one by tonight or tomorrow. Not FINISHED..but the center pieced anyway. No soccer practice tonight, so I won't be interupted by anything but

The rain has stopped for NOW. Someone told me that there is rain in the forecast for Super Bowl Sunday. I Hope NOT. They have worked so hard to showcase our state. There is a golf tournament here that weekend too...golfers are not very fond of rain! Thanks for stopping by...

Isn't this cute?

Forestjane did this for Bonnie, who will be doing a bargello on Super Bowl Sunday. If you want to follow along, try checking out Bonnie's blog I cannot believe she is doing all that..AND getting ready to MOVE! I need to get going...she amazes me...and kicks me off here to get things DONE!


Norma said…
Sky here is black again.......think we are in for some more moisture.

Sure it will rain this week, it always rains when the golfer's are in town, then add the Super Bowl stuff and gee, it is a given.

Sorry you are crabby but we can be that way once in a while! Didn't get to the craft thing, I suggested it to the great white hunter and he just looked at me like I was crazy. After two quilt shows in a row, I understand! LOL

Keep dry!
Shari said…
No More RAIN!!!

Been in Maui for almost 3 weeks and have had enough rain! Coming home late Wednesday night to Sun City and I expect to see SUN on Thursday!!!!
Jen said…
I must be really lame...I really thought there was going to be a bargello bowl in an actual bowl...I got so excited. Sigh...

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