Joan asked about a book I used ...and blogged about. She is on no-reply, so here is my answer!

The book I referred to here is Pocket Guide to Freehanding. It is a set of 3 small spiral bound books. One book is borders, one meanderings and one ...hmmm textures and fillers (I THINK). They are a bit on the pricey side ($50 for the set if I remember right), but I use them everytime I quilt! The author is Diane Epp.

Here is a site where you can find it for sale.There is a small picture there as well. I picked them up at one of the book sellers at a quilt show.

Hope that helps!

I'm still "paisley-ing" to my hearts content! I will try this LARGER next it is bobbin labor intensive!

Beth in AZ

This time tomorrow, we will have been to an 8am soccer game (an HOUR from our house) and a basketball game! I better go chill some drinks and make sure my handwork bag is packed!


Sweet P said…
I saw those books at my LQS on Saturday, but they were shop samples and not for sale. I thought they would be a great reference for stitchery projects as well as quilting designs. I'm going to keep an eye for them.

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