Sewing set up

This is for Tara. I tried to reply, but could find no e-mail. The frame is a B-line. I sew with a Juki TL98E with a Quilters Cruise Control (add on stitch regulator) and a Max Throat (motor that moves the take up bar forward into the quilting probably doubles the quilting area my machine can do.) I will be happy to post pictures and answer any questions on this set up.

Its raining! Yippeee! it needs to rain that when they televise the Super Bowl next week, its sunny "Chamber of Commerce' weather! back later for sewing posts...and show you what I decided for the nine patches....hehehehehe


Norma said…
Yes,there is rain, but it's gloomy too! All I want to do is sit when the weather is like this! Wish it would rain hard and get it over with! So, how is that for Arizona spoiled! LOL
Sweet P said…
I see it's raining there tonight. I've been watching the Pats land at the airport. Looks very wet there today.
Susan said…
I would feel bad about missing the rain, except that it's been pouring the whole time I've been in CA, except for yesterday. We've been hand-stitching in front of the fire. =)

Every time I've seen that max throat, I've thought it was a great idea for the home machines. Rags apparently agrees. =)

Love the Diamondbacks count down

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