AlRIGHT! If you insist..I didn't quilt anything yesterday. I'm so chicken! Somehow I always found SOMETHING else to keep my hands busy. Maybe tonight while I listen to the Fiesta Bowl on TV. I SHOULD enjoy it..I had to wade thru Oklahoma fans streaming in on my way home from the grocery store! DH had to rent a truck to get our old bed over to our son's house. In the process I got some stuff cleared out..seems he will be swinging by Good Will on the way back to donate the OLD old bed leaving Ds's house.

SOMEONE has been somewhat of a PEST lately...sitting on EVERYTHING..and leaving trail of kitty hairs...I will not name any names..but she knows who she is! Too bad this is the bed that just left! I even had to put a piece of tin foil on my cutting table. That pile of batting scraps was just too tempting, and I had to WASH them!


tami said…
I have 2 LONG-HAIRED kitties and I know how it is with all the fur floating around. We could vacuum, and before we had completely finished they would have a wrestling match and we would need to vacuum again. We found a new comb called a Furminator that combs out the loose undercoat. It has been a couple of weeks and the change is wonderful. I am always skeptical about wonder gadgets I see on TV, but this one has really worked out for us.

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