Sunday stash busting report

Well, I DID buy fabric..but seeing as how I went to Road to California, it could have been MUCH worse!

~ I bought a bag of batik scraps and a batik fq at the show
~ before I left I got matching fabrics for a baby quilt panel and black w/ bright geckos. The geckos have been cut up..with the small bit left in the 2 1/2 inch strip box. The matching fabrics will be cut up tomorrow for a pioneer braid to border the panel. Any leftovers from that will be pieced into the back...
~ border cut for a batik scrappy bargello from Bonnie's THAT was from stash

so : I dont' feel too what I bought I could not find in my stash. AND the only addition will end up being the batik pieces.

Someone posted a picture of their messy cutting table. Here is mine:

So far I have found 2 stacks of folded fabric, a pile of batting scraps, my quilt journal, two file containers of magazines...AND a pile of magazines. I hope to put my big cutting mat back in the sewing room tomorrow. I have gotten so used to it being on the counter...I like all the room!

This is the messy sewing table. I was working at it most of the evening while I watched the football game and Northanger Abbey, so it looks a bit better. See you tomorrow!


Donna said…
Sounds like most of what you bought will be used instead of going into stash, so that doesn't count. Batiks are hard to resist at shows because they have such a large selection. You did good!
Lindah said… does one make a quilt out of cut up geckos. Inquiring minds need to know. lol

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