Happy Birthday!

This is wishing my oldest son C, a VERY happy birthday! I don't have many pictures of him on my computer, so I will try to snap one tonight. I'm going to try to swing by his work and take him a cupcake and a balloon! Nothing like a MOM to embarass you at WORK. After all, he IS 23 (at least he WILL be by the time I get there!)...a MAN...as in "not needful of a cake and hoopla" HA! Rumor has it his dad will take him snowboarding for his present...even tho it will be over MY birthday!

23 years ago tonight, I was 11 days overdue...my mom was about to go back to Texas after a weeks visit...and well...I guess he was READY! The doc told us to prepare for a GIRL...so what a surprise! Our older child was a girl, so now we had one of each. In the 2 1/2 yrs between kids, we didn't even change our 'boy' name. Picture to come later!


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