Lunch Bunch

Here is the finished Turkey Lasagna on its way to Lunch Bunch! My son was not happy that he had to wait till dinner to get his share. It smelled GOOD in here this morning!

I pieced a whole row on the neutral/blue Matchstick Marimba and cut out another row to use as a Leaders/Enders. I'll be back tomorrow with more to report...I'm off to find a new dry erase marker. I got my Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD yesterday and I wore out the marker I was using! Its I just have to get BRAVE! See you tomorrow...


Very busy...goes with your name I suppose! That lasagne looked delicious... yum! Tracey
Norma said…
Hummmmm, since you are somewhere near, you could drop one of those off at my house! Looks yummy.

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