Sunday stashbusting report

Well...I took a small tumble..but not a BIG one (WHEW!)

This week was my Lunch Bunch (small quilt group..we are about 12 or so). When we sew/pot luck at the quilt shop FAVORITE quilt shop, its my most challenging stashbusting temptation.

~ still working on neutral Matchstick. Completed one whole row, another one pinned and ready to go
~tipped bricks border for HAD quilt : leaders enders...still moving along
~no other stash used
~bought one panel for baby quilt, a couple FQ for its pioneer braid border. did not purchase accompanying stripe border (mostly because they didn't HAVE it). I was tempted by the whole kit. But it didn't have the pioneer border I had seen in the ad by Northcott, so it could have been MUCH worse! (OK...I told you...I was going to leave it out..but decided it was not in the spirit of stashbusting. Do I get chocolate for coming clean???!?)

I recieved my Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD and have been doodling away. I got some low odor markers yesterday (MUCH prettier colors too,I might add!). I think I found a design I can DO...and LIVE with on the Quilt of Valor. I will post a picture later..IF I get brave and take thread to fabric.


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