drat Drat DRat DRAT!

I miss read his schedule...it caught my eye as I was going out the door. He was already GONE from work before I left home...so he got NOTHING from me today. I'm so bummed! I will try to go by and see him tomorrow.

I have been slugging along on the QOV. Gee, I WISH I had started that peacock feather echo LARGER! I think I have at LEAST 2 bobbin changes on EACH pass! SHEESH! I AM getting braver tho...look at my first stabs at FEATHERS! I see a GLIMMER of hope!

I'm not usually drawn to panels. I had seen this on the back of a quilt magazine and fell in love with:
The beluga...(one of my kids LOVED Baby Beluga , a song by Raffi. Oh I'm showing my AGE!)
and the puffins...

This is a border only found on the side of the panel..I will piece that into the back.

around the panel, will be a pioneer braid...

and lastly this border fabric. Isn't it cute? Northcott offers a free pattern on their site. Look for Animals around the world collection. On the right side, there is a downloadable pattern. If you are wanting to try a pioneer braid, Bonnie has one, as well as Quilter's Cache


CatQuilter said…
That fabric is so cute! I'll have to look for it. Enjoy the Super Bowl festivities this weekend. I used to live near Chandler when my son was an infant - YEARS ago.
Patti said…
That last fabric is the one my daughter chose for the curtains in Joseph's room. We are going to try to get them finished this weekend. I think it's going to make great curtains!
Do you know how much searching that is going to cost me??? It's gorgeous...off to search some more for sources, Tracey
ps, Very impressed with that quilting!
Suzan said…
I think your feathers look great! They still terrify me!!
Jen said…
That is such cute fabric!!!
Tanya said…
You've got some pretty fabric here too! I love all the characters on your map and the border is darling!

I wish my feathers would turn out as nicely as yours are. Great job!
jillquilts said…
Very cute fabric! Thanks for sharing! I may just have to pick some of this up.

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