I am Anne Elliot!

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I am SUCH a Jane Austen fan! My family can tell when I have started a new project...one of my many Austen DVD's will be running CONSTANTLY! I have been enjoying Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Last week was Persuasion (a new version to me). They run on Sundays for 6 of her works. This week is Northanger Abbey I THINK. It is the one I'm least familiar with. I just came across this quiz at Kate's blog, so I decided to take it!

I DID get to meet Judy at Road to California yesterday. My friend and I found her not too long after we arrived. She was so nice..but was busy and I didn't want to keep her from promoting her book. I just introduced myself and moved on. She has so many bloggers, I felt like a groupie! lolol

This morning there were no eggs for scrambling. I offered ds a couple different breakfast choices and he picked Eggo waffles. And THIS is what I saw:

Only THIS:

is what I left in the morning! I was only gone from the house 16 hours. From what I remember, this one was not BROKEN! Understand, I love the new toaster. It goes with the big appliances and the irridecent pieces in the granite. I am not used to having things replaced QUITE so fast! I guess DH uses the toaster the most...so he didn't want to be without it! If I had noticed it in the garage, I wouldn't have been so surprised this morning.


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