Oh that RAGS!

I have been LULLED into a false sense of security! My cat, Rags, has not been ...lounging where she should NOT in a long long time. Look what I saw!

She is under the impression its a kitty cat HAMMOCK! I know she is elderly...but I SUPPLY her with a nice warm bed! The SCAMP!

Look at the divot she left!!! I will have to tighten up the tension AGAIN!...the tin foil is back on the frame....bad kitty!

I have finished piecing the black and green nine patches. I THOUGHT I was going to be doing that on Monday night, only to get a phone call at 6:45 on Monday (a school holiday) to tell us that my son had basketball pictures at 8:30 PM that same night. So much for my piecing schedule. Pictures soon ..I promise!


Jen said…
OMG, if that isn't funny, I don't know what is!!!!

I have a black lab, if SHE could get up on my frame, I'm sure she would.

Admit it, as much as you were ranting and raving on the inside, you thought she looked adorable!!
Tara said…
Cute cat! What kind of quilting frame is that? The machine looks like a mid-arm - is that correct?
Hi, YAY!I have been trying to comment to you for a week and the comments page wouldn't appear! Love the cat picture! I would be grumpy though!
What did you decide on for the black and green. I thought it really depanded on whether you wanted the background to blend with the patchy background or stand out as something completely different, I will be intersted to see what you chose.
I did your Jane Austen thing, I am Eleanor Dashwood!
Cheers, Tracey
Norma said…
What is it with cats and quilts? They seem to think if there is a quilt or even part of one anywhere around, it is their space! Love that kitty picture.
Lazy Gal Tonya said…
ooh, the sweetie pie. typical kitty. she's not at fault - you are for not realizing it really IS a hammock! heh heh heh.
jillquilts said…
Oh, that is a bad kitty! Luckily, I just have dachshunds so there will be none of that when/if I get a frame!
Beth said…
Love the quilt...cat is just making use of it.

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