I finally DID it! I'm such a WUSS! I think because I messed up that panto last quilt, I was nervous about this one. I watched the Pajama Quilter Reloaded...NUMEROUS times, wore out one marker, doodled and doodled. Finally yesterday I ran out of excuses. I mean the machine had been oiled, threaded, bobbins wound, frame dusted, quilt loaded...all ready to go for almost TWO weeks! I'm still not 'panto' ready, but I picked a free motion design I had doodled alot..and just TOOK OFF! LOOK!

Can you see the 'paisleys'? I am loving this motion. Think this design will get me ready for feathers?? I HOPE so!

Sorry about the shadow. After this victory, the counter weights on my machine went south, and it took me about an hour to redo it all. :::SIGH::: I am hoping to get to Road to CA for a quickie day trip next week. I WILL be looking at mid-arms that I think will fit my frame.

OK, time to get back at it! I think I will quilt a big chunk of this today. My husband and older son went skiing/snowboarding today in Eastern AZ. They won't be home till late...and the young one has basketball practice from right after school till 5...YIPPEEE! I even think I MAY be able to fit in a couple loads of laundry, taking down the Christmas door decorations...and maybe get my nails done! See ya!


Jen said…
Oh Beth!!! It looks wonderful!!!! I need to watch again so I can get more practice in.

How large is the harp on the machine you're currently using?
Norma said…
I love that thread on the purple, and the design too! When you get your midarm, can I please send you my quilts?

Maybe we will see each other at the Rd to CA. We could wear AZ t-shirts or something. I am so excited about going!
Tanya said…
Oh, the peacock feathers are just wonderful! I wish I could do this! And I love the colors! What fun! Keep on going and keep on inspiring us!
Mary said…
Good for you! I do think practicing these will help with your feathers and being able to quilt smooth shapes. Also, this is basically what I call Peacock Feathers so in my book you're already quilting feathers!
Susan said…
Actually, feathers are easier than paisley! Looking good, though.

blogger keeps eating my comments, so hope this one gets through!

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