I DID promise pictures!

Here is a picture of the green nine patch I asked your opinion on...and then I found different fabrics!lolol This is just the top. I will be doing the binding in the same gecko fabric..with two inserts I think. (flange? I call them 'piping with no piping..They are kinda a signature of mine as I use them ALOT. Just not sure of the name!)

I found a black with a small metallic gold dot. Not too shiny...that is the alternate blocks. The setting triangles are black on black...I THOUGHT I had enough of the swirly one, but when I put it up on the design wall...NOOOO. AND I had forgotten I needed corner blocks. What I filled in with is kinda on the gray side, but it works..and I bought no fabric for this except one FQ (in CA) and the geckos. I will show you the inserts when I decide what colors..and the backing. (I'm a scrappy backing girl!) A friend of mine told me once, if you want one color to stand out, dont' use alot of that color. Use alot of other colors, and that one will shine thru. That was why I didn't choose the green for the alternate blocks. I wanted the green to SHINE...If I had used the green blocks, your eye would have seen more of the black. Does that make sense? Will be interesting to see what I pick for the inserts!

Thanks for stopping by...and I always appreciate your opinions and comments.


dot said…
Oh, this quilt certainly turned out nice. The little one will just love it.
Moneik said…
I love the gecko fabric and the green really shines through.
jillquilts said…
It looks great!!!
Jen said…
That really turned out cute!!
Norma said…
The quilt is wonderful......still not sure about those colors for a baby but....to each his own I guess! You did a great job!
I knew you would find just the right fabric...with or without us!!
And you don't sound crabby to me! Tracey

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