I'm SO ashamed!

My daughter is a HUGE Disney movie fan...ESP Finding Nemo. She loves Crush and Squirt...she loves Nemo...ALL of it. And she loves to quote it also. Well, she likes to quote movies in GENERAL! If you don't catch what she said, it was probably a QUOTE! "I'm SO ashamed" is from the French speaking crab (?) in the fish tank in Finding Nemo. When they are trying to 'dirty' up the tank water..and he is CAUGHT eating the algae off the side of the tank. He WHIPS around..and with an algae mustache, he says (with a French accent if you please!) " I am SO ashamed'!
I PROMISED pictures of the quilt show. I just HAD to post that picture of the shish kebabs the night before...and so there sat my camera ALL DAY. And it gets WORSE! I took my cell phone out of my pocket while I pumped gas on the way to the airport...and there IT stayed ALL DAY WHILE I WAS IN CALIFORNIA! It was not easy being 'phone-less':::SIGH::::

SO...here is a picture of my little stash. I really bought little fabric. A piece of batik from SewBatik> If you have never seen their line...so check them out. They have YUMMY batiks...wide batik backs and batik flannel. Nice people too! I even bought a bag of their SCRAPS(can you believe I BOUGHT SCRAPS???) They will be fun to add to my string blocks. I got some patterns...a pattern for little pincushions that look like the old fashioned spool ends (you download onto printable fabs...2st 2 downloads were free with pattern purchase), a bucket caddy (pocket 'saddle' thing for taking quilty STUFF to class), and another turtle pattern. King Tut thread from Superior Threads and a color card so I can order what I need. I got some Bottom Line from them as well for my friend..and a color card too. We can order together!

This doggie femo pin. My two favorite things: dogs and BRIGHTS! The designer/maker is
Kim Korringa.I was wearing it today in Trader Joes and met another quilter. Hehehehehe We just KNOW each other don't we??? ::::grin:::::

Oh, and my yearly addition for my t-shirt collection from
Block Party. I have shirts...panels....coffee mugs....I have a hard time PICKING cause their stuff is SO CUTE!

I have more to blog..but it will have to wait. I'm being shoved encouraged to find something ELSE to do so ds and his buddies can have the computer.

I had a great time with my friend J...she and I rarely get to spend any 'quilty' time together. We ran into old friends...and I looked for a suitable mid-arm to fit my frame. I hope THIS time I'm happy/content/FINISHED looking. I'm ready to just SEW!


Tanya said…
What a fun post! So many things you've been doing! I love that little dog pin! Now that will put a smile on dog lovers and quilt lovers! I'm on my way to check out your links!
Anonymous said…
I think that t-shirt is a MUST HAVE! Thanks for the links.

Shari in AZ
Norma said…
You bought way more than I did, I was kind of overwhelmed by it all.

Judy was at lunch or something by the time we found the booth. It was just a lot of fun and a dream come true to be there and see all that great stuff!!

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