OK ...I"M UP!

I was crabby last night! DS wanted to stay up ALL night playing Wii...and I would have let him. BUT, he wanted ME to stay up with him too! NOT! I never was much for all nighters. 11:30 found me cutting a large styrofoam ball with my electric knife (school project-over the HOLIDAYS!...cost me $40 for all the supplies! He needed 7 different size balls...and most of them came in 6 packs!) We didn't climb into bed till around 1:30. I watched part of a Fred Astaire movie as I started to doze off. They must have had a marathon because I had seen a whole movie earlier in the evening. He must have liked the cast...there were many of the same faces..not just Ginger Rogers.

OK, time for some opinions! Here is the yellow and blue quilt for Brittany (listed on the side bar as what I'm piecing...) I need help with the border. There is really no rush, as I am going to QUILT ON THE FRAME TODAY! No time like the present...and I can waste it if I don't jump in with BOTH FEET. (thats my story and I'm sticking to it!)

These are the fabrics I have to leftovers work with:

I'm thinking since this is pretty busy...I will just stick to an easy border. I had thought to put a small border..then a pieced border of small squares of this selection...and then the dark floral. I have the most of that...about 4 yds I think. I need nothing for a backing as I got a wide one on sale.

choice 1 for insert....matches the flowers in the border best...

choice 2 for insert...no yellow in the border fab..but I think it picks up the yellow squares better. I'm open to suggestions!

now I'm off to get dressed (I know...too much information!) and get QUILTING!


dot said…
I go with the first border picture. Happy New Year to you.
Patti said…
Well, I'm going to disagree with Dot. I think the first fabric just washes out next to the rest of the fabrics. I much prefer the brighter more gold fabric. I think it makes the whole thing sing. That's the one that I would use.
Jen said…
I also like the second choice. I really think the yellow needs to be part of the border. It just ties it all together.
joyce said…
I like the second one too and I'd make it even a bit wider. I like the way it separates the quilt and the border.
QuiltMom said…
Hi Beth,
Happy New Year
I like the second choice better and I agree with Joyce about making it wider to create a little more separation.
It is a very pretty quilt.
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

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